Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to Best Bond with your Pet

Hi everyone! CJ here; and I’ve got my good pal, Rex, with me and our dear friend, Whiskers, who surprised us with a visit! This is one cool cat – woof, woof – always making a grand entrance!

We’re all excited that winter is right around the corner, because this means we get to snuggle up closely with our parents under the covers! We love that we get to spend quality time together during the holidays!

: I’m so glad to be here, guys – meow – I’ve missed you both! How’ve you been? Now that the holidays are around the corner, are you getting excited to spend some quality time with your parents?

Woof! I love bonding with my mom and dad! Woof, woof. They always give me belly rubs, and scratches on the head. I love it!

I love to hear that, Rex! Spending one-on-one quality time together is essential to keeping our bond strong. Whiskers, what do you enjoy?

: I love sleeping and being independent. And, when I let my parents brush me, I can’t help but go “purrrrr.” It’s nice to treat yourself to some pampering every now and then!

My mom knows all my likes and dislikes too! She takes me on long walks, and then we snuggle when we get back home – woof. When we go on walks, she focuses just on me; that way I’m able to exercise and get all of my energy out!

It’s important for our parents to know which situations we’re comfortable with or uncomfortable in; so that’s great to hear, Rex – woof - it seems like your mom knows you very well!  Some of us love to cuddle, while others prefer their space – so this is important for our parents to understand.

That’s right, CJ! I appreciate my parents because they know when I need my space, and let me come to them whenever I feel comfortable. Sometimes I just like to be alone – meow!

That’s okay too, Whiskers! As long as you‘re not being forced into interactions, and you’re able to adapt to your environment on your own, I’d say you’re in good hands!

Meow – and my parents feed me my favorite treats and know just where to pet me! They’re the best.

Woof – are cat treats yummy?

not for you, Rex – meow!

Let’s just take Whiskers word on that one, Rex – woof! We’re lucky to have parents that treat us so great!!

If your parents ever have any questions about pet care, just have them call the professional doctors at
Bulverde Animal Hospital. They’ll explain to your parents everything they need to know to take care of your properly. Whiskers – it was great seeing you and we hope you surprise us with another visit soon!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Pet Safety - Halloween Edition

Halloween is right around the corner, and we cannot be more excited! It’s CJ here with my good pal Rex and we want to remind everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween. It’s important to be extra cautious of our surroundings and what we eat, especially for us dogs.

Woof, woof! I love Halloween treats!

Same here, Rex, but it’s important to know what we can eat and what we can’t. All forms of chocolate – especially dark chocolate – can be dangerous to our health, as well as artificial sweeteners and too much sugar.

Woof – I didn’t know that, CJ. When I eat a lot of sugar it makes me hyper and I like to run around the house… and sometimes out of the house!

Oh no, Rex! With trick-or-treaters around every corner, your mom will be constantly opening and closing the door; I know this can seem like a great opportunity to run outside and explore, but that can be dangerous – ruff, ruff!

I understand, CJ – woof, woof. My mom likes to dress me in costumes for Halloween and I just want to show off my good looks! Woof, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable and I can’t move…

If this happens, Rex, make sure your mom knows that it’s uncomfortable for you! Some tell-tale signs that you’re uncomfortable are whimpering, chewing the costume to try and get it off, or putting your tail in between your legs. Your mom will know what to do then!

Thanks, CJ – if I ever get too uncomfortable then I’ll be sure to let my mom know, woof.

That’s what I’m here for, Rex! And remember, if your mom or dad has any questions regarding pet safety during Halloween then just have them give Bulverde Animal Hospital a call or a visit. They’ll be able to answer any questions that your parents may have!

Will do; woof!

Okay, great – woof, woof. Just one question for you, Rex – tricks or treats?  

Tricks and treats, CJ – I always get a treat when I do my “Roll Over” trick!

Oh, Rex – woof, woof – I do ruff that one! Such a classic!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to Ensure Your Pup is Getting Enough Exercise

Happy fall everyone! It’s CJ here with my good friend, Rex. We’re super excited because the holiday season is quickly approaching.  This month we want to discuss our health and the proper amount of exercise that is right for us during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Just like our human companions, we need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Woof – I love going outside and playing fetch with my Mom!

That’s great, Rex! Exercise is really important for controlling our weight, keeping us happy, and reducing any digestive issues. It also keeps us fit and healthy. 

When I see my Mom pull out my leash, I get so excited, I can barely control myself! And I can tell she enjoys the walk too! We’re a good team when it comes to our walks; we always seem to keep the same pace and then guzzle water when we get back home – woof! – Mom doesn’t drink out of a bowl though because I’m special.

That’s so fun! I always know my Dad is ready for a walk when he puts on my favorite sneakers of his – woof! I love that it strengthens the bond between us and leads to a stronger, more trusting relationship.

That it does, CJ – it’s great! Woof!

Yeah, it is – and another thing that’s great is Bulverde Animal Hospital; they always have helpful ideas for keeping us in shape! Woof, woof - what’s your favorite type of exercise?

Woof, yeah! I love walking, hiking, Frisbee, ball throwing, and swimming!

Those are all great forms of exercise! We need to take part in some form of daily physical activity, so that’s great you love exercising – woof – Exercise tones the muscles, helps our body and metabolic system to function properly, and engages the mind!

Without exercise I get bored and end up chewing on shoes and furniture, or getting into the trash. Woof.

I’d never chew my Dad’s sneakers! I do agree that boredom sets in though and I wonder what I can do to get out my energy.  Good thing we both have such fun parents to keep us active!

You’re right, CJ – now I have to go bother my Mom to take me for a walk. All this talk of exercise is making me energized! Woof!

Sounds good to me, Rex. Woof, woof - Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Food & Pet Safety

It’s hard to believe that it’s already August! Life is busy and summer can fly by in what feels like the blink of an eye. It’s CJ here and I’m hanging out with my friend Rex, relaxing and enjoying every last minute of summer weather. How about it, Rex?

Rex: Woof, summer is my favorite season…. woof woof!

CJ: You like being outside in the heat, Rex?

Rex: Yup, I love relaxing outside enjoying the marvelous weather, and eating some of my favorite food. Woof!

CJ: Fair enough – but us animals have to be careful about what we eat.

Rex: Woof woof! I didn’t know certain foods could give me tummy problems. My mom has our veterinarian make the right diet for me.

CJ: That’s great, Rex! We want to avoid eating raw foods because they contain germs like salmonella and listeria. Additionally, they have been found in raw pet food, and these bacteria can make us very sick.

Rex: I had no idea! I love raw meat - especially bones!

CJ: Sorry to burst your bubble Rex, but poultry, pork bones, or cooked bones of any kind can splinter into smaller pieces and can become a choking hazards, or worse, create damage to the throat or intestines!

Rex: That sounds serious! Woof!

CJ: It is serious, Rex! That’s why choosing a nutritionally balanced meal is important. We want to avoid foods with fat listed within the first four ingredients. I put together a list of poisonous foods I heard Bulverde’s doctors discussing recently.
  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Grapes & Raisins
  • Mike & Dairy
  • Onions/Garlic/Chives
  • Raw Meat
CJ: If your mom or dad has any questions regarding food & pet safety, just have them call Bulverde Animal Hospital. They’ll work with your parents to determine the best nutrition plan for you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Keeping Pets Safe in the Hot Weather

Hi All! CJ here with my pal, Rex. This month we want to talk to you about how unseasonably hot it is outside! We’re used to hot weather here in Texas, but normally it doesn’t get this hot until August. Recently the temperature has hit 100 degrees during the day!

Rex: It’s hit 100 degrees? That’s HOT! My mom has been putting extra water out for me. It keeps me nice and cool. She also makes sure I don’t stay outside for too long. Woof woof! Especially when the sun is out!
CJ: Your mom is a smart lady, Rex. Did you know heat stroke is a big concern for pets that are outside all day?
Rex: What’s heat stroke?
CJ: Good question, Rex! Heat stroke is when your body temperature gets really high. Signs of heat stroke are confusion, agitation, and even coma!
Rex: Wow! That sounds serious, woof woof!
CJ: It is! In order to prevent heat stroke pets should stay indoors, preferably in an air conditioned home (well at least that’s my preference!), and drink plenty of water.
Rex: Good to know, woof woof! I’m thirsty just thinking about it!
CJ: Keep this in mind and be sure to tell all of your friends, if you ever get too hot and you feel sick, make sure your mom or dad brings you to Bulverde Animal Hospital in Bulverde TX!
Rex: Good thinking, CJ! Woof, woof! Now it’s time for a cool drink of water and a nap in my cool house!
CJ: Sounds good to me, Rex! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

CJ and Rex Talk About Heartworm Disease Prevention

Hi Friends, CJ and Rex here! We’re happy because spring is finally here. The reason we're blogging today is because we want to talk to you about heartworm disease. Heartworm is no joke, and we want to make sure all of you know how heartworm disease can be prevented.

Isn't that right, Rex?

Rex: Yeah, woof woof. Heartworm is a scary thing. We want all of our friends to be safe this season.

CJ: Rex, did you know the bite of an infected mosquito is what causes heartworm?

Rex: What?! I had no idea. I get mosquito bites all of the time. Oh man, that's scary.

CJ: Yes it is Rex. And since it’s impossible to tell which of the billions of mosquitos in Texas carry the disease, prevention is the best option!

Rex: For sure! CJ, I have a question?

CJ: What's up, Rex?

Rex: How do we prevent heartworm? If we can't prevent mosquito bites, what do we do?

CJ: Good questions, Rex! Surprisingly enough it’s pretty easy to prevent heartworm disease with the proper medications. A lot of veterinarians recommend being on the medication year round, then you’re always protected!

Rex: Oh! I take year around medication. I wonder if it’s for heartworms.

CJ: It probably is. Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital is great and he makes sure his patients are up to date on their medications. Having said that, not everyone is on heartworm prevention medication, so be sure to send your friends to Dr. Kothmann. He will put them on the right medication and make sure they’re getting the protection they need.

Rex: I'm on it, CJ! Sounds like a good idea, woof woof!

CJ: I'm going to head out and tell all of my friends, too. Teamwork makes the dream work, Rex.

Rex: It sure does! Now I need a treat and a nap, woof woof!

Monday, March 19, 2018

CJ and Rex Talk about Ticks and Fleas

Hi y’all! CJ here, and I’ve got my good pal, Rex, with me! This month we want to talk to you about fleas and ticks.  We're excited spring is right around the corner because we love spending time outside. The only thing that annoys us about the warm weather is all of the bugs!!

Rex: Woof woof, yuck! I hate bugs, especially when they get in my food bowl!

CJ: Oh Rex, you’re always talking about food.  

Rex: Woof woof yeah, it’s my favorite. 

CJ: Well, Rex last year I got ticks AND fleas. It was terrible. I was itchy all of the time. Plus, ticks scare me. They carry a lot of diseases.

Rex: I didn’t have any fleas or ticks last year. Woof woof!

CJ: WHAT! How did you manage not to have any ticks or fleas last year!? 

Rex: Simple! My mom brought me over to see Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital. He put me on medicine. Woof woof! Ticks and fleas hate medicine, so they stayed away from me all spring and summer.

CJ: Oh wow – that’s good to know. We need to have your mom tell my mom this can be prevented. Before the warm weather hits, I’ll head on over to Bulverde Animal Hospital for some preventative medication.

Friday, January 12, 2018

CJ and Rex Celebrate 23 years of Business at Bulverde Animal Hospital

Hi All! It’s CJ here with my best canine pal, Rex. January is an exciting month here at Bulverde Animal Hospital because we’re celebrating 23 years of business. Rex, how do you feel about this celebration?

Rex: Woof woof yay! I’m so happy to be a part of the Bulverde family and love celebrating all of our accomplishments over the years. I hope this means more treats from Dr. Kothmann!

CJ: I agree, Rex! To celebrate this exciting time, Bulverde Animal Hospital is offering a 20% discount on tumor removals and dentals for the months of January and February. This is great news for all of our friends. Be sure to remind them now is the time to have their teeth cleaned. Plus, if they have any questionable lumps, definitely have them checked out.

Rex: Wow! What a great way to celebrate such a great business.

CJ: You said that right Rex! To all reading, make sure you have your parents bring you to Bulverde Animal Hospital for all of your health needs!