Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CJ and Rex: Food and the Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone! CJ and Rex here. We’re super excited because the holidays have arrived. That means yummy food from the dinner table! My family isn’t celebrating until later on this week, but Rex’s parents had a huge party this past weekend. Say Rex, did you luck out? Did anyone pass you some yummy food off their plates?
“Woof, woof yeah, I feel something terrible.” Rex, what do you mean? “Well, woof woof, these little kids kept feeding me food off their plates. I was in heaven, then my mom started to yell at me and the kids. She said I’d get sick, woof woof – I didn’t listen, neither did those kids. I kept eating – I had turkey, pie, and ice cream. I spent all of yesterday in the back yard, doing you know what…”
Oh Rex, that’s awful! As we both know, I’m very well behaved and courteous, so I’ve never eaten too much over the holidays, just a handful of turkey and ham, here and there. I didn’t realize that human food could make us so sick. “Yup, woof woof, it’s awful, woof, woof. Next year I’m staying away from those kids and sticking to my dog food.” Good idea Rex, I’ll pass your experience along to my friends. The holidays are a time to have fun, not be in the back yard getting sick!

Friday, November 15, 2013

CJ and Rex Talk About Bulverde Animal Hospital’s New Hours!

Hi All! CJ and Rex here! We’ve been settling into fall nicely and LOVE the newest addition to the Bulverde Animal Hospital family, Dr. Bunting. Hey Rex, have you visited Dr. Bunting lately? “Yeah, woof woof, I like her. She gives me yummy treats.” Well, (CJ shakes his head) you sure do love those treats.

So Rex, I had a great experience the other day! Sometimes it can be real hard for my human to make an appointment for me to see one of the vets because she doesn’t get home from work until 7:00 pm, so usually she has to leave work early to bring me – that makes her super stressed and cranky! Well, let you tell me you, Rex – my human was in the greatest mood when she took me to Bulverde Animal Hospital the other day. It turns out they extended their hours to 9:00 pm Monday – Friday! That means my human had time to get home from work, have a quick dinner and bring me for my annual check-up at 8:00 pm. It was great – everyone was relaxed and not rushed.

Rex, are you listening to me? “Woof, woof yup – I heard something about your human having dinner. I love food!” Oh Rex, well just be sure to spread the word about the new hours. It will make all of our lives MUCH easier!

Monday, September 30, 2013

CJ and Rex Introduce the New Vet

Happy Fall everyone! CJ here, we hope your fall is off to a great start. Rex and I are super excited to announce that there’s a new vet in the office, Dr. Heather Bunting! “Wait, there’s a new vet? Who? I haven’t met her!” Yes you have, Rex! (CJ shakes his head). We met her yesterday, while you were playing with your new bone. “Oh yeah, I was kind of distracted, woof woof!” Rex, sometimes I don’t know about you, the only things you think about are food and toys! “Yup, woof woof, that’s true.”

Well, let me refresh your memory. Dr. Bunting decided she wanted to be a vet when she was only five years old! She LOVES animals and it really shows. She gave me a great little back rub yesterday. She grew up around here, but went to school far away, in a place called California. That’s where she learned how to take care of us. She came back to Texas to be close to her family, she is just so darn nice! I think my favorite thing about her is that she is really keen on making sure animals and their humans get along well. Which means she will make sure we, and all of our friends, are in the right hands. A major plus, she has a few pets that live with her! So we have new friends to add to the gang. Dr. Bunting is going to fit in just great!

“Dr. Bunting sounds great, I can’t wait to meet her, again woof woof! Think she will give me a treat?” Oh Rex, what are we going to do with you?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CJ and Rex Celebrate the Fourth of July

Well, it’s that time of year again – loud, scary noises, lots of people and lots of food! Hey all, it’s CJ, and I’m preparing for my least favorite holiday of the year, July 4th. Luckily, since I’m a cat, I have the luxury of hiding under the bed, and not leaving the house all day! On the other hand, my friend Rex the dog, isn’t as lucky.

Rex what are your plans for the Fourth of July? “Well, last year my parents had a big party for the Fourth of July. – woof woof! I snooped around the back yard and ate yummy scraps people had dropped off their plates - which was great until I woke up with an awful stomach ache the next day! Late at night, after it got dark these colorful, loud lights kept exploding in the sky. I’ve never heard such an awful, loud noise in my whole life and I never want to again. I was so scared I tried to run away. Luckily, the yard is fenced in, so I couldn’t get out. I ended up going inside and hiding in the corner. And that’s where I’m planning on staying this year – inside, away from the people, yummy (but bad) food and scary noises.”

Smart plan, Rex! Getting sick is no fun, and you don’t want to run away. You would be lost, scared and could get hurt. Spread the word – tell all of your friends to stay inside on the 4th of July!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flea Season Continues for CJ and Rex

Hi there, CJ here, and I’ve got my pal Rex with me! You might remember us from last month. We were telling you about flea bites and how awful they are. Hey Rex, remember last month I told you to have your mom bring you to see Dr. Kothmann for flea medicine? Did she ever do that? “Yup! I’ve been feeling A- Okay for a few weeks!” said Rex. Wait, what medicine did Dr. Kothmann give you? I’m surprised you’re feeling better so fast! Rex said, “Ummmm I don’t know, it begins with an A, but it’s a big word, so I have trouble saying it (Rex’s face turns bright red).” It’s okay Rex, I’ve got my handy dandy i-Pad with me today, I “borrowed” it from my human brother, shhhh! Let’s do some research and see what we find.

Rex, what’s so good about this medicine? Does it do things other medicines don’t? That will help me find it. “Well, my mom only has to give it to me once a month, big relief, woof! It also dries really quickly, so I can start playing as soon as my mom puts it on me. It doesn’t smell, so I don’t sneeze from it, and it’s waterproof, so I’m still allowed to play in the creek, woof woof!”said Rex. “Oh and one other thing, it works super-fast! I haven’t been itchy in weeks! said Rex. Wait, that’s enough, I found it! It’s a medicine called activyl. It seems like the perfect flea fighting medicine.

Well, Rex I learned a lot today! I’m going to tell all of my furry friends to visit Dr. Kothmann for activyl. He’s the best and activyl will get rid of those nasty fleas in no time!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Day in the Life of CJ and Rex During Flea Season

Hi, my name’s CJ! I’m the resident cat over here at Bulverde Animal Hospital. My friend Rex and I love to spend time hanging out in the yard, especially now that spring has arrived! Don’t we Rex? “Yup, except for those darn fleas, woof woof!” Oh, tell me about it! The other day I was hanging out in the yard and a pesky little flea bit me. First it really hurt, and then it was super itchy. I scratched it so much I ended up losing some hair! It turns out my mom forgot to give me my medicine AGAIN! She learned her lesson when I brought the fleas into the house! So she gave me the medicine, and since then I haven’t been as itchy!

Rex, your mom doesn’t give you medicine does she? “Nope” says Rex as he’s biting and scratching the flea bites on his legs. “Sometimes she puts me in that awful bathtub with this bad smelling foamy stuff. It only helps for a few days though, woof woof!” Well, I think you should have your mom bring you to see Dr. Kothmann. He’s the best and will give you medicine to help you start feeling better real soon!