Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Safety

Hi y’all! CJ here and, as always, I have my good pal Rex with me. Rex, it’s getting chilly at night! “Woof, yes it is! But I like it – it means Halloween is coming, woof woof! I like treats.” Yes it does, but remember Rex, Halloween isn’t always about fun and treats, it’s also the time of year porcupines and skunks come out to play, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like playing with them. “Me either, stinky and poky!” The other day I was at Bulverde Animal Hospital and our friend Rufus, the little guy with the go lucky smile, well he was covered in porcupine quills, and it wasn’t a costume… “woof, woof ouch!” Yeah, Rufus is going to be uncomfortable for a few days, but Dr. Kothmann took good care of him. My story doesn’t end there, Rex… when I was leaving I got a strong whiff out of one of the examining rooms – turns out a local kitty cat got skunked. It smelled something terrible. “Yuck, P.U. that happened to me once. I smelled so bad no one wanted to spend time with me. “What did that teach you, Rex? “When I see a skunk I run the other way, and go home for a treat, woof woof.” Good plan, I hope Rufus does the same when he sees a porcupine. I’ve heard some buzz around the hospital that dogs and cats just aren’t staying away from these silly creatures, but pet owners are asked to keep an eye out and, if possible, keep them off their property. “Good luck with that one, woof! I’ll remind all of my buddies to steer clear of the poky and stinky animals!”