Tuesday, November 8, 2016

CJ and Rex Talk about Pancreatitis

Hi Everyone, CJ and Rex here! It's hard to believe it, but the holidays are quickly approaching. It's such an exciting and busy time of year! Rex, what's your favorite part of the holiday season? "The yummy food scraps... woof woof! Turkey, pie, stuffing - yumm!" Rex! We've been through this before - you shouldn't be eating table scraps because it can cause pancreatitis, which is no fun at all. "Pancreatitis? woof woof, what's that?" It's inflammation of the pancreas – in layman’s terms it’s a bad tummy ache that can be caused by eating human foods, i.e. cake, turkey, pie, stuffing. "Oh that's right, woof woof. I like food, so I always forget about (or try to ignore) tummy problems."

Rex, this year you really should be careful. You won't be able to enjoy the holiday season if you're eating human food and ending up with pancreatitis. Oh don't make that sad face at me! You'll be thanking me when you feel healthy and aren't throwing up! “Woof, woof yeah, I guess you're right.”

Well, if you end up not listening to me remember that Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital is a great vet. While he may not be pleased if you eat human food and get sick, he will help you feel better soon. "Thanks CJ, but you're right, woof woof. No human food for me this year!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CJ and Rex Talk about Spring Pet Allergies

Happy Spring, y’all! I am so excited for the warm weather and the upcoming summer! It’s me, your old pal CJ, and I have my bud, Rex, here with me today, per usual!

I just love spring – flowers, warm weather, longer days. It’s great isn’t it, Rex? “Achooo! Noooo, I don’t like spring. My allergies are something awful. Woof woof!” Oh Rex, I’m sorry to hear that – I guess you do look a mess. I mean you’re sneezing and your eyes are watering.” Gee, thanks CJ – woof woof.” Sorry Rex, I’m just stating the obvious. What’s going? What are you allergic to? “The list could go on and on… woof woof. The worst is the grass and plants… achooo!”

Well, that doesn’t sound like fun. “Nope, it’s not!” My brother, a golden retriever, has it worse though, he’s allergic to plants, grass AND fleas… woof woof. I’m hungry.” Rex, let’s stay on track, we will get a snack later. What are you two doing to get better? “Our mom took us to Bulverde Animal Hospital this morning. Dr. Kothmann gave her some great tips on how to make us better, fast!” What did he suggest? “Oh, a laundry list of things…

1. Run air filters in the house.
2. Don’t leave us in damp basements or garages – mold and dust can affect us!
3. Keep us inside while mowing the lawn.
4. Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum.
5. Wash our bedding with hot water and perfume free detergent.
6. The doctor also prescribed Bravecto to get rid of my brother’s fleas – it always does the trick!

My mom is at home washing our bedding now and vacuuming up a storm! I think it’s going to help a lot.” Great, I’m glad to hear it! You’re in good hands with Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital.

Resource: 1800petmeds.com

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why is it Warm Out?

Hi y’all! CJ here, and as always, I have my buddy Rex with me. “Woof woof – hi! I’m hungry. Do you have any treats?” Oh Rex, no I don’t – if you want we will swing by Bulverde Animal Hospital later to see if they have any dog treats for you. “Woof, woof sounds good!”

Alright, now that we have treat talk out of the way, let’s get into why we’re really here today – it’s warm out! Usually at this time of year I’d be sitting inside by the fireplace, maybe catching a mouse or two in the basement, but not this year! The other day it was 70 degrees outside! It was so warm I was chasing mice in the fields next to my house. Rex, have you noticed a difference? “Yup, it’s warm – I like it. Woof woof! The warmness is making me itchy, I don’t like that.” Itchy? Rex, do you think you might have fleas? It’s definitely warm enough outside for them to be making an appearance! “Uh oh, yikes! I think I do, woof woof!” Oh Rex, it’s okay, just have your mom bring you over to Bulverde Animal Hospital. They will have you feeling like new again in a few days! “Woof woof, okay. Do you think it will be cold this summer?” Well, Rex at the pace things are going right now I don’t know what to expect!