Thursday, November 9, 2017

CJ and Rex Talk about Dog Flu

Hi y’all! CJ here, and I’ve got my good pal, Rex, with me! This month we’re here with some serious business. Have you ever heard of dog flu? If not, don’t worry, Rex and I didn’t know about it either. Did we, Rex? 

Rex: Woof woof, no! I just found out about it from my sick buddy, woof woof. He had dog flu something awful, but luckily Dr. Kothmann made him all better.

CJ: Oh Rex, that’s such a relief. I heard if it’s taken care of properly it’s not terribly dangerous, but if not, it can cause pneumonia. 

Rex: Woof woof yeah, it’s no fun. I’ve also heard it’s real catchy. I’m scared to go anywhere… woof woof.

CJ: Well, Rex the good news is Bulverde Animal Hospital is requiring all dogs who board there be vaccinated for dog flu. That will really help prevent the spread of the flu. You should have your mom and dad take you down to Bulverde for your vaccine. It’s just two shots. 

Rex: Ouch! I don’t like shots, they hurt.

CJ: It’s okay, Rex. The vaccination lasts an entire year AND it means you won’t get dog flu. I think you’d much rather get a little pinch than a full blown sickness. 

Rex: You’ve got that right, CJ. Woof woof! Where do I sign up?

CJ: Have your parents bring you to Bulverde Animal Hospital, they will take good care of you. Stay healthy! P.S. See the fine print below from Bulverde Animal Hospital!

“As of November 1, 2017 we will require all boarding dogs to be vaccinated for the canine flu. The initial vaccination requires two doses, given 2 to 4 weeks apart. When making boarding reservations, please make plans on doing the initial flu vaccine 2 weeks prior to your boarding reservation. This way we are able to do the final vaccination when you drop off for boarding. Thereafter, an annual booster is recommended for continued protection. It is important for your pet to have an exam prior to each vaccine. If we have given your pet, their annual vaccinations during the past year, we are going to wave the exam fee to help with the cost of this new protocol. We will be giving this complementary exam until January 1, 2018. The cost of this vaccine is $33.77 per dose.”

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Keeping Pets Safe and Cool During the Hot Summer

Well, it’s that time of year again – it’s HOT outside! This time of year I love hanging out in the air conditioned living room where it’s cool and comfortable! Howdy all, it’s CJ and I’m hanging out with my friend Rex thinking about how lucky we are to be spending time in a nice, cool house. How about it, Rex? “Woof, I like being outside…. woof woof!” You like being outside in the heat, Rex? “Yup, I can watch the birds and chase the squirrels. It’s boring inside. Woof!” Fair enough! I just don’t know how you do it - it’s unbelievably hot out there.  This is probably a good subject for all of our friends to hear about, listen up guys!

“It’s really hot woof woof, but my mom makes sure I stay nice and safe in the shade!” How does she do that, Rex? “I hang out under the trees in the backyard – perfect for bird watching, woof!” Oh that’s smart, Rex. “Yup, my mom also got me a cool dog house –it’s big and shaded. She keeps fresh treats and cool water in there for me.” Wow, Rex you’re one lucky dog! “Yup, I am woof woof!” Let’s hope everyone’s parents take such good care of them on the hot days of summer!

Friends, keep in mind, if you ever get too much sun and you feel sick, make sure your mom or dad brings you to Bulverde Animal Hospital in Bulverde TX! “Good thinking, CJ! Woof, woof! Now it’s time for a snack in the shade.”

Thursday, March 9, 2017

CJ and Rex Talk about Heartworm

Hi Everyone, CJ and Rex here! We’re very excited because spring is almost here! Right Rex? “Yeah, woof woof! I like the sunshine and flowers and warm weather… and treats!” Treats? Rex, what does spring have to do with treats? “I dunno, I just like ‘em.” Alright well, the reason we’re here today is to talk to our friends about heartworm. It’s a scary thing and with spring right around the corner we want to make sure all of our friends are aware of how heartworm disease can be prevented. “Woof yeah we do! Better safe than sorry!” That’s right Rex!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but the bite of an infected mosquito can cause heartworm. Since it’s impossible to tell which of the millions of mosquitos in TX carry the disease, prevention is the best option! “Woof, how do you prevent it? Woof” Good question, Rex! I’ll give you a treat for that later! It’s pretty easily prevented with proper medications. A lot of vets recommend being on the medication year round, then you’re always protected!

Rex, you and I are on heartworm prevention medication, so we’re all set, BUT not all of our friends are. I really think it’s our community duty to go around and remind all of our friends to have their mom and dad bring them to Dr. Kothmann at Bulverde Animal Hospital. He will put them on the right medication and make sure they’re getting the protection they need. Sounds like a good idea, woof woof! May I have my treat now?” Fine, Rex – all you think about is food! “Well, I’m protected from heartworm, so I don’t need to think about that.” Fair enough, Rex fair enough.